MSI (Optix AG32C) Monitor Review

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A monitor that is super-fast, super responsive, comes with a non-reflecting screen is what every game lover desires. A smooth fluid-like gaming experience that makes you get lost in the world of games.

If you are looking for a monitor that will provide you with a super-enhanced viewing experience then buy MSI (Optix AG32C). This narrow bezel, VESA compatible monitor is able to provide you with a gaming experience like no other. Let see its features

Specifications MSI (Optix AG32C) Monitor

Weight6.6 kg
Screen Size32 Inches
Pixel Resolution1920×1080/ FHD
Panel TypeVA\ LED
Refresh Rate165Hz
Response Rate1ms
Color Depth8 bit

MSI (Optix AG32C) Monitor is a 32 inch impressively curved gaming monitor with a VA display panel and Full HD resolution. This 1800R curvature feature monitor provides you with about 72%-36% real estate screen.

This super narrow bezel monitor has quite an elegant and graceful look. The curves of this monitor are not a source of distraction at all. It offers you an environment of reality.

MSI Full HD Gaming Red LED Non-Glare Super Narrow Bezel 1ms 1920 x 1080 165Hz Refresh Rate Free Sync 32” Curved Gaming Monitor (Optix AG32C), Black
  • 165Hz refresh rate - Display without after image
  • 1ms response time helps eliminate screen tearing and choppy frame rates
  • R1800 curve panel design – Most suitable for human eye
  • True color- NTSC 85%, SRGB 110%; Viewing angle: 178°
  • Optimized with MSI gaming VGA – make sure you have best experience
  • Mounting type: Vesa compatibility - mountable 100 x 100 millimeter

With a viewing angle of 178, this monitor enables a spectacular gaming experience. MSI (Optix AG32C) provides you with an edge to edge connections.

You can use this monitor in multiple setups and will allow you to view in a full display mode that’s because of its ultra-narrow bezels as a result of which your distraction level is minimized and the curvature feature increases your concentration.

It provides 110%sRGB and 85%NTSC coverage due to which you are able to view such vibrant and life-like images. It has an 8-bit color depth.

In most monitors, you might have observed the flicker problem but you will find MSI (Optix AG32C) free of this issue. It provides you with an anti-flickering screen. The response rate of 1ms and refresh rate of 165Hz makes MSI (Optix AG32C) a perfection gaming monitor. You get to play your games much more smoothly. It has an advanced FPS front sight tootle feature that keeps the focus on the aim.

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This versatile and unique monitor also offers the anti-screen tearing feature. Most monitors screen tearing is a common feature but MSI (Optix AG32C) offers the adaptive sync feature that is specially designed to get rid of the tearing problem.

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As far as the connection options are concerned, this monitor comes with only an HDMI port which makes its connectivity quite limited. It should have possessed a VGA port and a display port for flexible connections!

What We Like
  • Good design
  • Anti-flicker and anti-tear displays
  • Exceptional refresh rate
What We Don't Like
  • The resolution is a bit on the low side in accordance with its display size
  • Connection options are quite limited i.e. contains only HDMI port
  • Adaptive sync is quite limited i.e. only works when in harmony with the AMD GPU.

Bottom Line:

MSI (Optix AG32C) is a gaming monitor providing a 32-inch screen with a Full HD resolution. Its super-narrow bezels, exceptionally fast refresh rate and response rate makes it ideal for hardcore gamers. Although, it has some downsides still its benefits weigh more! It’s a product that is definitely worth your investment!

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